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Production Capacities & Profile

We have had a policy of sustained investment for several years in order to provide for additional production capacity and for maintaining regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing Capacities We utilize a large climate-controlled storage capacity. The facilities are secure, with multiple levels of independent security measures, auto-matic protection measures for samples in the event of system malfunction, available first-aid zones and an internal climate testing and valida-tion unit (IQ/OQ/PQ).

  • Dry-mixing: 225 tons
  • Wet granulation & drying : 175 tons
  • Compressing: 400 million tablets
  • Hard capsules filling : 120 million caps
  • Film coating : 180 tons
  • Sugar coating : 23 tons
  • Blisters packaging : 20 millions
  • Bottle packaging (Pharmaceutical site): 4 million
  • Bottle packaging (Nutraceutical site): 10 million

Breakdown of Pharmaceutical Operations

  • Animal Health
  • Human Health