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Continuous improvment

We are therefore committed to the continuous improvment of all our processes in order to guarantee our ability to compete, which will be indispensable for our longevity, and to prepare for the future efficiently, sustainably, and confidently.

Our Organization

A management style and a balance essential for satisfying the client.

High operating standards which help us to advance, improve, innovate.

A process approach to avoid isolating departments.

Managers that constantly optimize our performance so that we may reach our goals.

Our Mission

Demonstrate a strong initiative in order to better serve our clients and rapidly develop their products: it is crucial to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit and make decisions without delay, with information from the front-line. With this in mind, both the production site and the development site are key decision-making places and must stay that way.

Build a clear position in the market: our quality policy, our level of service, our industrial and economic performance, our ability to respond to our clients’ needs, each must be the same from one account to the next. In challenging moments, only the weakest link is visible.

Our Commitments

  • Be transparent and address the problems of today to build the future.
  • Apply a logic based in results, stand by our decisions and take responsibility for our actions.
  • Treat others objectively and impartially, and ensure their safety and continued training.
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt, maintain our commitments, transmit and delegate.
  • Offer new solutions and welcome the ideas of others, accept change.
  • Remain autonomous but not independent: work together while respecting the differences of each other.

For this, as well as for a continued fairness, we commit ourselves to establish the appropriate indicators and investment on each of the production competencies that make up our enterprise.

RESPECT/ COMMITTMENT/ ANALYSE/ SUCCEED/ INITIATIVE/ PROACTIVE Proposing innovative, competitive, and sustainable solutions to our clients: LEAN, KAIZEN, 5S, 6 SIGMA,SMED…

Europhartech has partnered with the consulting agencies ALGOE Consultants and SEGECO Consulting in order to establish a continuous improvment program. This is a genuine LEAN Management approach which has been put into place so that we may continue to better serve our clients at Europhartech.

Our development processes have been re-examined, production layout is being completely reorganized, and the ‘AIC’ effort (short-term improvment) is being put into place and has already provided initial positive results.

The laboratory, quality, technical services and methods departments are equally concerned by this initiative of routing our waste and increasing value.

A department dedicated to continuous improvment is operational and offers methodology assistance to departments in the on-going efforts of improvment projects.

The operational indicators have been revised and are checked daily to ensure less waste.

A tangible policy is put into effect and represents a genuine project to which the entire Europhartech staff has committed.