Galenic innovation for compliance with treatments in animal health


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After several years of development and fine-tuning, the first products using the patented Testy Tech technology came off the Europhartech production lines last November. This innovative galenic form, which combines pharmaceutical rigour with petfood palatability, addresses a recurring problem in animal health: poor compliance with treatments. It is estimated that 30 to 60% of dog owners will interrupt their pet’s treatment because they cannot easily administer it.

With the Tasty Tech technology, we obtain palatability tests that go as far as 100% of dogs taking the bite alone and 97% consuming it completely. This is made easier by the poultry-flavoured palatable component, which accounts for 20% of the bite, and a texture that facilitates chewing.

Tasty Tech is currently one of the only processes for manufacturing palatable bites that guarantees the content, freshness and integrity of the ingredients throughout the manufacturing process. Its patented industrial process, without extrusion or direct heating, preserves the active ingredients, even the most fragile ones such as Omega 3. Moreover, thanks to the homogeneous distribution of the ingredients in a bite, the animal is assured of receiving the right dose, whatever its size. For more information on Tasty Tech, contact us

Watch the video to discover in 1 minute all the advantages of TASTY TECH technology:

TastyTech – for tablets that go down a treat! from TVM UK on Vimeo.