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Pharmaceutical forms Europhartech is specialized in developing and manufacturing solid oral dosage forms.

Solid Form

  • Powders
  • Granules
  • Hard capsules : for APIs that cannot be compressed / can be color coded / vegetable envelope / easy to swallow / taste masking.
  • Tablets :
    uncoated : every form including bolus / ODT (Orodispersible tablets) > facilitates the ease of delivery, rapid disintegration in the mouth (notably in patients with swallowing problems) / Chewing tablets > for rapid absorption (avoid the first-pass effect) / Chewable tablets and lozenges > increase the contact time in the ENT areas
    coated : sugar-coated > optimal protection for APIs from light or humidity, easy to swallow / Film coated > aqueous / organic

Liquid Form


Since 2016 Europhartech has been offering the manufacture of non-sterile liquids.

Soft Chew


At the end of 2018, Europhartech announced the arrival of its full service Soft Chew offer for animal health.